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William Robert Arentsen

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Children with:
Donna Mae Holt

Laura Mae Arentsen

Donna Sue Arentsen
Beverlee Lorraine Arentsen
William Robert Arentsen
James Eric Arentsen
William Robert Arentsen
  • Born: 16 NOV 1917, Antigo, Sheboygan County (USA-WI)
  • Married 12 FEB 1944, Salina (USA-KS), to Donna Mae Holt

    pict947.jpg [130x193] huwelijk 1944
    The History Channel (a cable TV station in the US) has been running a show in winter 2001/2002 about how the Russians copied the Boeing B29 bomber. It seems that William R. Arentsen, from St. Louis, was a crew member on a B29 that was forced to land near Vladivostok, Russia. The plane was on a bombing run over Japan in W.W.II and it was damaged sufficiently to force it down. William, and the other crew members, were held by the Russians for quite some time. The Russians were very interested in the plane and they used it to make their own version of a long distance, high-altitude bomber.

    Blijkbaar is hij krijgsgevangene geweest. (bron:

    Robert woonde in Creve Cover (USA-MO)

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