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John Arentsen
  • Born: 11 JUL 1861, Kenosha (USA-WI)
  • Occupation: arbeider, machinist

    John wordt niet genoemd bij de verhuizing van Arend Jan (Andrew John) Arentsen en Barbara Hoffman in 1865 van Wisconsin naar Spring Lake, Ottawa Co. (USA-MI).
    John wordt wel genoemd in de census van 1880 van Spring Lake, Ottawa Co (USA-MI), oud 19 jaar, arbeider. In 1900 woont hij niet meer thuis.
    Volgens Jean Reinecke vertrokken George en John Arentsen beiden naar de west
    In de census van 21 apr 1910 van Greenbush, Sheboygan Co. (USA-WI) wordt hij genoemd als vrijgezel, oud 45 jaar, machinist, thuiswonend

    Krantenartikel uit de Sheboygan Press - April 7, 1911
    "Outlaw Placed In Jail
    The Terror Of Glenbeulah

    Man Who Could Shoot Squirrel Between the Eyes Given Six Months in Jail - - Worry to His Aged Father who is a Respectful Resident of Glenbeulah.
    The terror of Glenbeulah, the man who can shoot the eyes out of a squirrel without any effort and delights in telling people what he will do if the occasion arises, is languishing in the county jail for a period of six months, being unable to secure $1000, the amount necessary to gain his freedom.
    Complaint was made to the county authorities that John Arentsen, returned from the west was terrorizing his father with threats and was considered a dangerous character. He is 49 years of age and has been out west for years but some five years ago returned to Glenbeulah and spends his time fishing and hunting and is reported to spend the greater portion of each day in the Sheboygan marsh, away from everyone - and when a person approached him or tried to engage in conversation he would walk away. He carried a revolver about with him and delighted in showing his wonderful ability as an expert shot. For instance he would throw a can in the air and puncture it three times before the can struck the ground. If a squirrel crossed his path he would shoot the little animal between the eyes and laugh at the performance. His father became so frightened at his actions that he threatened to make complaint and then the ungrateful son would intimate that there would be a funeral and his father would not hear the sermon. Monday he was taken into custody by Undersheriff Holling and Deputy Fischer. Before Justice Barber he was bound over to keep the peace in bonds of $1000. In default he was committed to the county jail. He is believed to be a desperate criminal wanted in the west and efforts will be made to keep him behind bars in the future. If allowed his liberty he will swear vengeance upon those who are responsible for his arrest on 7 Apr 1911 at Glenbeulah, Sheboygan Co., WI."

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